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Six Unimaginable Drum Corps International Transformations

DCI is the fastest growing marching music competition series in the world and offers sponsorship packages to meet any marketing objective. Favorited This series has been favorited by 2 people. I believe a lot of people were very favorably impressed with the music of this corps, and with its performance, which was quite good. This corps, which is being helped very much by the «Conky» (Jim McConkey), and from what could be seen in this contest, Drum Corps Videos is shaping up to be one of the most interesting of Canadian junior corps, and is well worth watching. Stir well to mix. This corps promises to be very strong, with a fine horn line and a very well balanced drum line, as well as an excellent color guard. Their drum line seemed to be particularly good, and they had good power and tone in their horn line, which everyone enjoyed. I am sure that many of the loyal fans of this newly organized all-girl corps were amazed at the sound of the horn line, especially, Drum Corps Videos and the music they were playing.

Words and remarks of congratulations were the order of the day, after the contest, as many Sarnia fans were treated to a very fine show. Spitzer’s goal is to make a show that’s palatable for general audiences that can be put on easily by a first year marching band program with out much in terms of institutional support or experienced leadership. Phenom is an Open Class Drum Corps Videos & Bugle Corps from Tempe, Arizona operating as a program of the Arizona Academy of the Performing Arts, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization. In 2004, the group added the final element of the color guard, was accepted as a DCI sanctioned unit, made the name change to The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps and began competing for the first time. New World Encyclopedia defines Marching Band as » a group of instrumental musicians who generally perform outdoors and who incorporate some type of marching or other movement with musical performance.» Obviously, an argument can be made that Drum and Bugle Corps is marching band. While they did not come very near to the terrific show of the former corps, they did put on a very interesting and entertaining show, and they had a very large group for a cheering section, who traveled a long way to attend this contest.

An outstanding exhibition was then put on by the guest corps, the newly organized «Sertomanaires» of Sarnia, under the direction of Drum Major Larry Williams. This was the first M&M contest ever held in Sarnia, and it proved to be quite successful. As a preliminary to the main contest, the host corps, the newly organized «Marching Angels» led a parade of all the competing and exhibition corps to Norman Perry Stadium, to set the stage for the contest. For example, none of the Canadian corps which competed, or put on exhibitions, had more than three years’ competition experience, and all but two, (Hamilton Optimists, and Brantford Belltones) were entirely new corps, having been organized within the past 6 or 9 months. The size of the stadium and prestige of the show meant that even more fans could be accommodated, and the venue was absolutely packed. Fans who cannot find the right seats, need a Suite or special seats, can request DCI – Drum Corps International VIP Tickets. Those tickets may be located on the Floor, Drum Corps Videos in the Club-Level, or provide VIP Access.

I’ll be a good environmentalist and use them for May Day. Under the direction of Drum Major Doug Saunders (with whom I had the privilege of meeting after the contest), this newly organized corps gave the audience many a reason for applause, as they really put on a good performance for the length of time they have been going. Their music (which was played for the first time before an audience) included, «You’ll Never Walk Alone» and «Rio Rita». Each one in their turn was introduced to the audience by the M.C., Mr. O’Hagen, the programme manager of Sarnia’s radio station, CHOK. One peculiar thing about their corps was a horn player in a contrasting uniform to the rest of the corps (he wore a blue one instead of a yellow one, which the rest of the corps had). They fielded a 25-man horn line with a large 16-man color guard, plus a powerful drum line of 12. Their music was very interesting and quite well presented, and included such favorites as: «Land of the Pharoahs», «No Other Love», «Grand Entry March», «Taking a Chance on Love», «Hail Fanfare», «Theme from Conqueror of the Ages», «Tropicana», «Full Moon and Empty Arms» , «Gladiator March» (by Sousa), and «Green Leaves of Summer».

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